Bad Habits by Usher released in September 2020. Here you will find the sheet music for Bad Habits by Usher. This arrangement has been arranged for piano, vocal and guitar chords. It consists of vocal line, piano accompaniment and chords suitable for both piano and guitar. It has been written in the original key of C minor, therefor there is an alternative set of chords in A minor Capo 3 to make it easier and more practical for the guitarist.


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Title : Bad Habits
Artist : Usher
Key : Cm
Capo : Capo 3 A minor
Year : 2020
Product type : Sheet Music
Arrangement : PVG (Piano, vocal & guitar)
Chords : Chords are suitable for both piano and guitar. The additional guitar chords are Capo 3 in A minor
Format : Digital Download
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